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Hey everyone! I like to welcome you to this group that is centered around Manga, Anime and other things related to that. Everybody is welcome to this group!!
Founded 3 Years ago
Jan 18, 2014


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413 Members
364 Watchers
13,178 Pageviews
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Gallery Folders

Goku Black by Surgeon-Of-Death-Law
Rem - Re:Zero by Surgeon-Of-Death-Law
Scathach (Digitalized) by Izham-ZK9
Pegasus Seiya by 19aurelia97
3D Art
Akuma by Mekanel
[Bleach] Tier Harribel (3D: at the Karakura Woods) by Noirramoss
Chun Li FMG by OrionPax09
Img 20140501 211036 by Tanmoy-Kundu
Akame ga Kill
Tatsumi - Akame Ga Kill by Pandaroszeogon
Anime Wallpaper Fan-Made: Akame Ga Kill!-Akame by FiReptile
Wave - Akame Ga Kill  by Pandaroszeogon
Esdeath-Akame ga Kill by AkameZ16
AKIRA by elangilman
Shakira Toriyama by darkchapel666
Moleskin Sketch: Testuo by CARAMAX-art
Attack on Titan
Mikasa Ackerman by danielcamilo
AoT Armin: Kitty Pajamas by SunlessRise
Eren by Pandaroszeogon

Mature Content

Burlesque Mikasa by KSapphire8989
Black Butler
The Joker by MurderousMoon
Sebastian Michaelis (2) by Melidraw
Grell Sutcliff (Black Butler) - May MCM 2016 by SakuraWindChime
Elizabeth Midford  by Melidraw
Yoruichi by Shiroichi-chan
Hiyori Sarugaki by beniyorunii
Momo - Daisies by prusce
HitsuHina - Summer by prusce
Blood Lad
Staz by Tabanei
Wolf by chile3456
Blood Lad: Staz by MeowImAvery
Braz D.Blood by Reyos-Cheney
Blue Exorcist
Rin  by Pandaroszeogon
Izumo Kamiki by Eisschweif
Izumo Kamiki by Eisschweif
Rin Okumura by ClaireRoses
Mechanized Nemesis by darkchapel666
Kung Poe Panda by darkchapel666
Grinchgo Honasan by darkchapel666
Maritime Longshoreman by darkchapel666
Thank you for Inspiring by Suweidaro
Chibi 60 - Day 30 by Suweidaro
Chibi 60 - 15 Days Later by Suweidaro
#4/7 - Adopts [OPEN / Set Price] by phob00
Code Geass
Teddy by EssaulovaAna
Teddy by EssaulovaAna
Code Geass_C.C. by EssaulovaAna
Lelouch Lamperouge by TarasovaElena
Corpse Party
Hak and Yona by Sailor-Aria
HakYona: Sublime... by Sailor-Aria
Yato's Possession of Hiyori (Noragami) by SakuraWindChime
I am Ryuko by KSapphire8989

Mature Content

Sasuke Sakura - Mine to Enjoy by SupremeDarkQueen
Let's go home, Yato! by EvanRank
Sasuke Sakura - Like a Sword by SupremeDarkQueen
Pre-Valentine Sketch by alice26fdgi
Cowboy Bebop
Cowboy Bebop - Spike and Vincent by Musiriam
.:Faye Valentine:. by yoneyu
Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusk by darkchapel666
Faye Valentine - Cowboy Bebop by AaragonNega
Dream Drop Digital:WereGarurumon by RaigekiEXE
WIP - It's High Noon by YamiNetto
WIP - Super Smash King Street Kombat Caliburvania by YamiNetto
Crossover couples
Misaki Mei/Tanaka Kou by EvanRank
Deadman Wonderland
Deadman Wonderland-Ganta and Toto Sakigami/Collab by C-Hdz
Ganta Igarashi  - Deadman Wonderland  by Pandaroszeogon
The Wretched Egg by Ankur20
Shiro (Deadman Wonderland) by hiimryu
Death Note
Light Yagami by danielcamilo
L by Lukitzo
Ryuk (mannequin) movement gif by yotamono-chan
Ryuk (mannequin) by yotamono-chan
FNaF (Crossover) - Animatronic Shoutmon Vers. 2 by ZackAmperez
Crossover - Prism Garrett (Hanzo vers.) by ZackAmperez
Bewilderment of the Human World by YamiNetto
Appmonsters - Gatchmon by ZackAmperez
Digital Art
h-i-n-a HINAGIKU! by Symmetrical-neko
Kyoko in Wonderland by Shiayia
D. Gray-Man Chibis:  Allen and  Kanda by ayashige-doodles
D. Gray-Man Hallow - Kanda by ayashige-doodles
Dragonball Z GT
The Cell Saga by raulm93
Broly RSSJ by hsvhrt
Bardock SSGSS by hsvhrt
Goku Black by hsvhrt
Elfen Lied
Lucy/ElfienLied by EvanRank
Lucy with a gun/Elfen Lied by EvanRank
Elfen Lied: Lucy by ninetails4
nyu.4 by simeyy
Fairy Tail
Mirajane Strauss by TarasovaElena
Gray Fullbuster by TarasovaElena
Sayonara Juvia by Wale-182
Natsu Dragneel by flare029
Glorious Days by Voltzix
Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma by beki12679
Touhou - Hakurei Reimu by Voltzix
[Mystic Messenger] - 707 by jellification
Broke Your Throne by SakuraWindChime
Ed Stuffie by Jaylastar
Edward by Pandaroszeogon
Edward FMA by beniyorunii
Games Art
Candice King as Amy Rose by MZimmer1985
Lucy Hale as Blaze the Cat by MZimmer1985
Dove Cameron as Juliet Starling by MZimmer1985
Riley B. Smith as Miles 'Tails' Prower by MZimmer1985
Gintama - Sakata Gintoki by lietooman1a
L26 by miroku39
Lineart _ Kagura Yato (Gintama) by Jeanne-Potatoes-G
Kagura Yato (Gintama) by Jeanne-Potatoes-G
Alucard (2) - Version 2 - by AuraIan
Alucard - Version 2 - by AuraIan
Integra by AuraIan
Alucard (4) by AuraIan
Hunter X Hunter - Killua and Alluka by Stades-Drawing
Hunter X Hunter - Pitou by Stades-Drawing
Killua Zoldyck by ReaperCruxie
Killua Zoldyck - HunterxHunter by Pandaroszeogon
Sess by ItsmeMelB
Shippo by MeowImAvery
Inuyasha by MeowImAvery
Kagome Higurashi by MeowImAvery
Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Ryohei and Colonello- Katekyo hitman Reborn by NoeKuro96
Tsuna by EvanRank
Squalo Superbi by JeanUrquiaga
Tsuna by Vero-desu
Kill la Kill
Matoi Ryuko - colored by miyu96
Kiryuin Satsuki - At Home by Suweidaro
berserk ryuko (WIP) by ninetails4
Nudist Beach Nonon by star-1ord
Kokuro no Basket
Akashi Seijuro by Yuuki177
Seijuro Akashi by flare029
Kuroko no Basuke_ Kagamimi^-^ by EssaulovaAna
Tetsuya #2 by Melidraw
Live my dream by Shiroichi-chan
Kougyoku Ren by TarasovaElena
Morgiana by Shiroichi-chan
Magi Alibaba by M0nstac00kie
Manga Pages
It's Me by MichaelOdomArt
Dinner Guest by MichaelOdomArt
One Last Piece by MichaelOdomArt
That Last Rock... by MichaelOdomArt
Mirai Nikki
Yuno Gasai by zblano
Gasai Yuno - Mirai Nikki by Kevintan19
Yuno by Xorsama
Gasai Yuno by Voltzix
Howl's Moving Castle by partyboy3543
Howl by Marcechan
The Dragon Boy by cemerald
Konyo Ponyo by darkchapel666
Nanatsu no Taizai
Tajuu: kage bunshin no jutsu by GerryPro
Naruto Uzumaki (Coloured) by Lukitzo
Gaara of the Sand by danielcamilo
Zetsu by beniyorunii
One Piece
One Piece 837 by C-Hdz
One Piece  838 - Sanji by C-Hdz
The Swordsman and the Navigator by prusce
Charlotte Praline - OP 830 by C-Hdz
Vivianne by FierceBabydoll
Megumi Tadokoro by LearClow
I'd insist she'd pack an evening gown. by ametotaiyou
ChocoLove by LearClow
Own Characters
#14 - Mogari Adopt [OPEN / AUCTION] by phob00
Arcades Sabboth by SilentSanctum
Which Team? by MikomiKisomi
Pidgey: Pokemon by Africa2000
Squirtle: Pokemon by Africa2000
Clyde, The Pokemon Trainer by Africa2000
Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon by MichaelOdomArt
Sailor Mars by Sailor-Aria
Sailor Mercury (Crystal) by Sailor-Aria
Sailor Moon (Crystal) by Sailor-Aria
Shin Chan
Soul Eater
Death The Kid by flare029
Black Star - Soul Eater by Pandaroszeogon
Patty and her giraffe by Shiroichi-chan
Soulmates by Shiroichi-chan
Steins Gate
Makise Kurisu by DannyR2078
Okabe Rintarou by DannyR2078
Ruka Urushibara by DannyR2078
Mayuri by DannyR2078
Sword Art Online
Shino by Africa2000
Serious Look by Africa2000
Sword Art Online - Sugu (Leafa) by PlanetaryAnimefan
Anime Wallpaper Fan-Made: SAO Game (ver.)- Sinon by FiReptile
Terra Formars
Tokyo Ghoul
Juzo Suzuya by Melidraw
Rize Kamishiro by TarasovaElena
Kaneki Ken by Yuuki177
TG:re  Touka - I'll see you later, okey? by Anna94K
Zebra  / Have gotten cocky, eh~~~? / by yotamono-chan
Toriko by NoeKuro96
TORIKO by Arturfg
.:TORIKO:. by furan-san
Traditional Art
Request finished  by ninetails4
Coloring practice  by ninetails4
Paper child 2 by ninetails4
Request ( W I P ) by ninetails4
Dark Magician Girl by MikomiKisomi
Season 0 Girls by MikomiKisomi
Loneliness by SunlessRise
Ryou - 2nd Copic Marker Drawing by SunlessRise

I like to welcome you!!

Hey Everyone!!

Welcome to ManganimeArtist! The group that centers around Manga and Anime but also other art is welcome! If you have any questions or tips about (For Example): New Folders in the gallery, ideas for contests, etc. than you can send a message to me (Manoartist1996).

:bulletred: For all the admins, contributors, watchers or visitors of the group I want to respect everybody and their work.
:bulletred: Put art in the right folder.
:bulletred: Art with mature content must have a Mature Content Filter.
:bulletred: Submit only art that fits in one of the folders in the gallery or ask for a new folder where it can be put into.

Tell about the group!
Furtermore would it be great if you tell others who have the same interests about this group and let them join and they can share their art here!

And as a last thing I want to say: Enjoy the group and the art!!
Hello People,

It's almost April and that means that the new anime for Spring 2015 are coming out soon!
I already have a top 5 of anime that I'm going to watch/give a chance that seem interesting:

1. Digimon Adventure Tri (Continuation of my childhood)
2. Fate Stay Night/UBW Season 2 (Second Season of the great UBW)
3. Shokugeki no Souma
4. Owari no Seraph
5. Arslan Senki (From the mangaka of FMA)

Let me know what your choices are for the next season! ^^
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Thank you beforehand
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